addiction services torontoJust as each addict in need of treatment is not the same, neither are the different centers and what they can provide. Finding the right program takes time and research. This means looking at the different options available in the addiction services Toronto and the Ontario area.


Choosing private vs. government funded

Here in Toronto, as is in all of Canada, there is a choice between privately run treatment facilities and government managed. Private means that all of the cost is out of pocket for the individual. Those that are government funded are basically free within the health care system. While there are certain costs still associated with this program, they are minor in comparison.

addiction services torontoEach one of these has their advantages. With the private, it is considered that their staff is more handpicked and finely honed than that of the government supported programs. However, both are genuinely focused on giving people the best care possible and are setting them up for success. Because there is this unique choice between the two, privately held addiction services in Toronto offer competitive and affordable pricing and government programs strive to provide higher quality, comparable care.


Finding the right program type for the individual

Some people respond to 24 hour, in facility care while there are those who will thrive in an outpatient program. What someone will do best in all depends on the individual and what will work for them to achieve the success they need to get on the road to recovery.

addiction services torontoA good base from which to start is for people to consider just how long and intense the drug abuse has been. This helps determine what kind of service makes the most sense. The longer someone has been using, the more intensive a program may need to be.

Residential treatment focuses on a live-in situation that usually lasts anywhere from 30-90 days and constant supervision in a facility. During the day, individuals will be focused on working through and with the problem at hand, with staff available in the evenings as needed. Staying at the center allows them to keep on their program without distractions.

While the addict does not sleep at the facility in outpatient programs, they are required to attend weekly meetings—which can be 3 or more times a week, do intensive work on their own, most likely required to attend counseling sessions on top of the work they will be doing during some of their meetings, and have staff available for their support when needed.

addiction services torontoAgain, each type of program works for different individuals and an assessment is always good to help determine which one of them is the best fit for someone.

Aftercare services

Whichever type is chosen, one of the most important things to have available are ongoing services to support the continued recovery of the individual. Substance abuse of any kind is a difficult hurdle to overcome, but continuing to help someone on their road to recovery raises their chances for success tremendously.

Common Features of Modern Addiction Services

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Those who are struggling with addiction, or who have loved ones who struggle with addiction, know how difficult breaking free of this all-too-common disease can be. Addiction services Toronto can give these individuals the tools they need to finally live life free of addiction. While each addiction treatment facility will have its own approach to addiction treatment, they do have some commonalities. These are some treatments commonly found in addiction treatment facilities.

Addiction Treatment Starts with Detox

Before addiction treatment can work, the individual who is struggling with addiction must detox from the drugs or alcohol in his or her system. This can take a significant chunk of time, and the withdrawal process can be uncomfortable with physical and emotional struggles for the individual. Sometimes, treatment facilities will allow the addict to live at the facility and have care around the clock. Medical intervention is sometimes needed to avoid the effects of withdrawal

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Addiction Treatment Provides Counseling

Once the drugs are out of the addict’s system, the individual has to learn how to live without the need to consume drugs or alcohol. Addiction treatment helps with counseling focused on teaching those skills necessary to avoid the temptation to consume drugs or alcohol. This can include counseling on avoiding triggers, dealing with triggers when they cannot be avoided and finding a rewarding, fulfilling life without the pull of drugs.

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Addiction Treatment Touches on Mental Health Issues

Addiction treatment may require the help of mental health professionals. Addiction often accompanies mental health disorders. These co-occurring conditions require a double approach to drug addiction help toronto treatment for effective treatment. Addressing the mental health need that drives the addiction makes addiction treatment more successful.

Addiction Treatment Provides Accountability

Finally, accountability through ongoing counseling and meetings is a crucial part of many addiction treatment facilities. Accountability through group or individual counseling and therapy may extend several months past the end of the treatment period.

Addiction is not an easy disease to cure. It requires careful attention and patience with the help of the right treatment facility. With diligence and patience, however, people struggling with addiction can break free from their condition, learn to manage triggers effectively and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling lives.

Facts About Addiction That May Lead to Recovery

addiction services torontoThere are many people who are challenged by their dependence on drugs. However, there are millions of people who have faced their drug addiction head on and are in active recovery now. For those people, every day is a challenge. Each day, they have to deal with triggers that could potentially make them fall off the wagon. When people know the challenges others in recovery face, they can work with them to increase their chances of overcoming their addiction.

addiction services torontoDrug Addiction Is a Disease
There is a widely held misconception that individuals who abuse drugs are different than people who don’t abuse drugs. The truth is, drug addiction can happen to anyone who engages in drug use. Additionally, people who use drugs are negatively impacted by chemicals that change the way their brain functions. As a result, they long for the very drugs that prove to be a detriment to their health. Even if they are strong willed and want to stop using drugs, the changes in their brain prevent them from doing so.

addiction services torontoGenetics Play a Significant Role in Drug Abuse
Everyone, even siblings, have a unique genetic makeup. It is because of genetics people are who they are in life. Genetics affects looks, personality, and predisposition to certain behaviors, including a predisposition to drug addiction. Individuals who have a predisposition to be addicted to drugs are more inclined to develop an addiction. When people understand that drug addiction isn’t a choice, they are more empowered to find help, such as drug addiction services toronto, for their family and friends who are dependent on drugs.

addiction services torontoA Dependence on Drugs Is Often a Symptom of an Underlying Problem
All too often, people look at individuals who are dependent on drugs through their perspective. However, many people who are addicted to drugs are affected by a something that happened in their past. Sometimes, people with drug addictions have been molested or abused as a child, and they turned to drugs to help them cope with their problems. Ultimately, an addiction to drugs may not be the root problem but a symptom of an underlying trauma they faced earlier in life.
The more people know about drug addiction, the more they are willing to help others overcome the disease. People who know someone who is battling an addiction should start helping them back truly understanding the problems they face.

Understanding the Signs of Addiction: When to Get Help from Addiction Services in Toronto

Addiction can creep into one’s life subtly. Whether they try drugs or drink alcohol, it can be easy to think that a person has control over these substances and still has the reins on their own life.

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They can continuously deny being in over their head until it’s too late and they can’t go more than an hour or so without a hit of a drug or a drink of alcohol. Addiction ruins lives, not only the life of the addict but those of their family members. It’s time to stop the denial. If a person believes that they may be addicted, they should look out for these signs. Then it’s time to call addiction services Toronto to finally get help.

One of the most common signs of addiction is cutting oneself off from family, friends, neighbors, and others.

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Addiction is a source of embarrassment. No one wants to admit that drugs or alcohol have taken over their life. The more that the addict needs these substances, the more likely they are to wall themselves off. Family and friends with their normal lives become difficult to relate to. The deeper into an addiction that one gets, the more that these people seem alien.

The addict will also start making excuses or telling outright lies about where they’ve been, what they’ve spent money on, and so on. They become very secretive in a vain attempt to protect and hide their addiction from others.

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Of course, other people are less oblivious than the addict thinks they are and probably have some inkling of what may really be going on. Where the addict once had hobbies and interests, these have all completely disappeared.

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Instead, finding their next hit or crawling to the next seedy bar has taken up all of their spare time. They may even find that their addiction interferes with their job if they blow off work to get drunk or high. If drugs or alcohol have become the focal point of one’s life and how they spend the majority of their days and nights, it’s time to get help.

If these signs sound all too familiar, it’s alright to admit that. Help isn’t far away. Some Toronto addiction services offer rehabilitation for individuals or groups who need assistance overcoming their problems with alcohol or drugs.

To learn more about Toronto rehab services, call or visit today. Don’t face addiction alone.

Research on Goals Can Help People Make a Real Change in the New Year

addiction services torontoFitness and weight loss are the most common New Year’s resolutions, and with obesity and heart disease being the deadly killers they are these are worthy goals. However for some people, there is much more on the line with their resolutions. People who are finally ready to try to overcome their drug or alcohol addictions often set goals in the New Year. When it comes to addiction, realizing that a change needs to be made is a huge step alone, and there are certain things that are vital to know in order to help everyone keep their important goals.

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The Science Behind Goal Achievement

  • addiction services torontoSmall steps have been shown to help people want to continue to make further progress. In a study done by Harvard on employee productivity they found that “Of all the things that can boost inner work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work.” Progress in the right direction is powerful when it comes to the human mind, so small achievable goals are important and lead to a job completed, an addition overcome, or weight discarded. Instead of setting a goal for a 100% turnaround set a goal till the end of the day, then the end of the week, and so on.
  • People who find a way to set goals that are in line with who they are will find it easier to achieve them. No one thought they would be an addict when they grew up, finding the person they were before the addiction and setting a second goal to go with the first to get clean that lines up with that will be rewarding and something more tangible to work for than an idea, no matter how valid, of being drug free. For example if a person always thought they would travel, then a goal to go to a destination after being drug free for x amount of time is tangible.

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Professional help and being surrounded by people who are not substance abusers can bring success levels up. Anyone setting a New Year’s resolution or a goal anytime of the year should also implement distancing themselves from their friends who are addicts, and turning to professionals who understand the hard work ahead. There are quality addiction services Toronto that can help people navigate this new path to a better life.

10 Common Signs of Drug Abuse

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Addiction is a cunning enemy of life and can show up in a wide variety of ways. The following information highlights a few of the most common symptoms and signs of drug addiction. While these signs may or may not appear for every type of drug addiction, they will show frequently enough to indicate the individual may have a problem. Continue reading to learn more about the mos common signs someone may display who needs intensive addiction services toronto.

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Most people who are in the grips of drug abuse and addiction will suffer from depression. One of the most common sources of this angst is where they will get the money for their next dose of drugs or from simply pondering over their seemingly dismal situation.
Mood Swings
People who battle a drug addiction commonly experience mood swings. In most instances, these mood swings will depend on whether the individual is under the influence or not. One of the most common mood swings is the transition from the euphoria of being high into the depression of running our or not having enough.

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Criminal Behavior
When someone is under the influence of drugs, they will do just about anything to get more. This can include violent behavior, stealing, selling drugs, or any other criminal behavior the individual would typically not engage in if they were not under the influence of addiction.
Periods of Absences
For most people battling a drug addition, it’s vital to protect the secret at all costs. These individuals will use privately with hopes and aspirations of their family, friends, and co-workers never finding out. These types of addicts will commonly disappear for a few days or a few hours to use or to continue the endless search for more drugs.

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Inability to Sleep
In any case, there are several drugs an individual can be dependent upon. If the drug is a stimulant, they may find it very difficult or even impossible for them to sleep while they are under the influence. On the other hand, those addicted to opiates often experience sleeplessness as they are going through withdrawals from the drug.
Drug Cravings
After addiction invades the individual’s mind, the addict will experience overwhelming cravings. These cravings may cause the addict to do strange and even criminal things. In the end, the drug cravings can take over anyone’s life, regardless to how emotionally or physically strong they are.

What to Look for When Choosing Addiction Services in Toronto

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Addictions come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. It’s important to find addiction services Toronto that can address the many forms addictions takes in order to offer a solution for a friend or loved one in need of treatment for addiction. Addiction takes no prisoners and can have a devastating effect on those who suffer from it. Getting the right help as early in the process as possible offers the best odds of long-term success. That’s why it’s important to explore various addiction services options in Toronto before choosing. These are a few key elements to look for when choosing.

Medically Supervised Withdrawals

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For the most part, withdrawal is the most dangerous and difficult aspect of recovery – at least in the short term. While there are no guarantees, medical supervision for withdrawal can make the process more comfortable for the person in treatment and reduce the risks of a negative outcome.

Individual Counseling

Addiction doesn’t occur in a bubble. Most people who suffer from addiction were using illicit drugs as a form of self-medication. This means there are physical and/or psychological needs that must be addressed before any lasting recovery can be achieved. Many people suffering from addiction also suffer from underlying mental health issues. Some were diagnosed, though many more were not.

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Counseling can help dig down deep to uncover the roots of addiction, even when the patient may be unaware of these conditions. It’s an important part of the healing process and should not be overlooked.

Group Counseling Sessions

While feared and dreaded by many people struggling with addiction, these sessions can be incredibly helpful. Not only does it help to see that other people have problems too, but it is also helpful to see that other people are working through and overcoming their problems.  There is also an important social support aspect of group counseling. It’s not necessarily validation, but it allows people to feel as though they are not alone in their struggles.

Follow-Up Therapy after the Initial Program Ends

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This may be the most important component of treatment for anyone interested in long-term recovery from addiction. The initial treatment and therapy happens somewhat in a bubble. Everyone is together and supported – not to mention isolated from the real world. Support becomes more important than ever when they hit the real world, old friends, and old struggles that might tempt them to use again.

Addiction services in Toronto that offer these services and more are great places to begin the addiction treatment and healing process once and for all.

Choosing Legitimate Home Business Opportunities

Eating disorders are a risk factor for all kinds of mental health issues, as is substance abuse. Often, the two coincide, making it that much more difficult for patients to recover from either issue.

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Many patients receiving addiction services toronto remain too ashamed to admit that they are also suffering from eating disorders, but as soon as this problem is diagnosed, these suffering individuals can make greater progress in recovering from both.

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How Prominent Is The Eating Disorder And Addiction Comorbidity?
According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), nearly fifty percent of those currently dealing with eating disorders are also struggling with an addiction of some type. This is a very alarming figure — and it constitutes approximately five times the rate of addiction in the general population. In many eating disorder sufferers, substance abuse is actually used to enhance eating disorder symptoms, with some abusing prescription medications and illicit drugs in hopes of losing weight. Others simply seek to dull the pain they feel on a daily basis or chase a high that is always just out of reach.

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Which Problem Should Be Treated First?
Every combination of drug use and disordered eating is different, so there is no one treatment plan that will prove effective for everybody. In many cases, it is most important to get the individual’s system free of drugs first, as these pose the number one danger. However, if the addicted individual is suffering from severe anorexia and very mild substance abuse, the more pressing concern may be nourishment. In general, it is easier to treat an eating disorder once the sufferer’s system is free of all dangerous substances, just as it is easier to treat drug addiction if the patient is properly nourished.

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Often, treatment of one issue will invariably pave the path towards easier treatment of the other, although there is always the risk of the individual who has kicked drugs or an eating disorder turning to the other problem as a coping mechanism.
Eating disorders and substance abuse can be difficult to treat on their own, but when combined, these issues may seem all but hopeless. Fortunately, with the help of the right treatment program, it is more than possible for sufferers to make headway on both issues. These problems are often the symptoms of deep depression or other mental issues; once underlying problems are tackled, patients are better equipped to leave their destructive coping mechanisms behind.

Continuing Care is Key to Long Term Sobriety Success

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Sobriety is a milestone achievement that is to be celebrated. Many people do not realize, though, that gaining that sobriety is only the first step down the long road to recovery. Continuing care is a necessary component that provides the support and resources that the newly-sober person needs to successfully navigate the challenges and pressures that come with everyday life outside a primary abstinence-based rehab facility.

Extend the Environment

Attending a residential program in order to detox and begin drug rehab is a critical first step in this lifelong process. The warm and caring support and counseling helps to shape the recovery of a person in the grips of an addictive substance. The biggest challenges, though, often come upon the release of the person from the safe environment within the residential facility addiction services toronto.

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Continuing care allows them to extend that supportive environment from residential care into their real lives. This can help them meet the challenges of everyday life without resorting to using drugs and/or alcohol once again.

Intensive Services

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Designed as a type of step-down service, continuing care extends the care the newly-sober person received while in residential treatment, but at a lesser degree. Twice weekly counseling sessions — both group and individual — for the first few weeks help them navigate a life of sobriety. Weekly sessions that continue for several months afterwards help provide support while also allowing the person the independence to live their own life. A structured curriculum and an intensive educational program designed to prevent relapse helps hone the focus of the sessions.

Delivery Methods to Meet the Needs of Today’s Busy Person

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Drug treatment centers that offer continuing care as part of their addiction services in Toronto know that many of their participants are busy adults who have a number of responsibilities. In order to meet their needs, these treatment centers offer their continuing care services in a variety of delivery methods. In addition to outpatient services that take place at their facility, many also provide them as a distance learning option using the phone as a means of communication. This method works particularly well for those people who cannot attend due to shift work or their location.

Before leaving a residential program for substance abuse, it is crucial that continuing care be set up. Doing so helps ensure a person’s sobriety for the long term.

Understanding the Various Addiction Services in Toronto

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A person who is willing to enter into a drug treatment center is making a very important choice. Treatment is almost always necessary in order for a person who suffers from addiction to quit abusing drugs or alcohol. And while it might seem that treatment services are widely available, truth is only about 11 percent of addicts get the treatment they need to stop abusing drugs. When choosing a treatment facility, it is paramount that the different addiction services Toronto be evaluated. After all, a person wouldn’t want to enter into a drug treatment center expecting treatment for an opiate addiction only to find out that center only treats people with alcoholism. Here’s a closer look at the services to be evaluated.

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Drug-specific treatments. As mentioned above, some centers focus their treatment services on specific drugs. However, there are some that treat various drug and alcohol addictions. When contacting a treatment facility about having an open bed, it’s best to ask about the exact type of services that are offered. Cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of treatment service is especially advantageous to all addicts.

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Whether it be an addiction to sex, methamphetamine, gambling, pain killers, etc., cognitive behavioral therapy treats the way a person thinks and behaves. By altering the way a person acts and thinks, this makes it possible to alter the behaviors that lead to substance abuse. If a treatment center doesn’t specialize in this type of therapy, the search for one that does should be continued. Recreational activities. In addition to addition treatment, recreational services and activities should be provided.

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If a person isn’t taught how to successfully enter back into society without using drugs and alcohol, then it becomes impossible for him or her to stay clean. Recreational services provide an excellent and effective way to show patients how to live clean and sober while taking part in regular activities. Aftercare services Lastly, it’s important to make sure that a treatment center provides a wide array of aftercare services. From ongoing counseling to group therapy with people you went to rehab with and even more recreational activities, aftercare comes in many forms.