Addiction Services Save Lives

addiction services toronto

There are millions of individuals fighting drug and alcohol addictions each day. For the most part, these addictions jeopardize the safety of the person addicted to these drugs, as well as their family members. Their behavior is erratic; their only concern is how to get the drug, and they have no regard about what concerns others. Family members or friends in this situation must seek out addiction services Toronto in order to improve their position.

addiction services toronto

Options for Addiction Services

Treatments for drug and alcohol look different for institution to institution. Competing philosophies about what treatments are effective is the reason services offered at rehabilitation centers don’t look the same. Additionally, measures taken to alleviate drug addiction may be successful in one instance, yet completely ineffective in another. For people interested in committing their friends or family members, look for popular services, such as the ones suggested below.
Individual Counseling. Therapists in rehab centers like to get an initial assessment of their patient’s condition in order to establish a baseline. In addition to this initial assessment, patients will continue to meet with therapists so that they can assess their progress during the treatment. These one-on-one counseling sessions are critical because they allow patients to express themselves without being judged by others.

addiction services toronto

In-patient Detox

Patients who are actively using drugs will need to go through a detox in order to remove the substances from their body. It is important for patients to be fully committed to the process in order for the treatment to be successful, otherwise, once they enter Intensive Outpatient Services; they will pick up old habits again.

addiction services toronto

Intensive Outpatient Services

This aspect of treatment allows the patient to go home. It is considered an adjustment period in which the patient’s behavior is monitored carefully. Although they are at home, they are never alone. They have group meetings, evaluations and other programs to increase their chances of success.
Addictions affect millions of people, including loved ones who are not on drugs. When a family member or a friend has an addiction to drugs, finding the help they need will save their life.

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