5 Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Seeking treatment for alcohol abuse early can greatly improve the chances of recovery. Many people may suspect that their loved one is abusing alcohol, but aren’t sure if or when to intervene. addiction services toronto can help treat various signs of alcohol addiction, including:

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1. Neglect. People who consume excess alcohol often ignore or forget daily obligations. Students may fail to attend class, refuse to complete coursework, and perform poorly on exams. Employees may rack up tardies or repeatedly call in sick. Parents may neglect their kids or fail to pay bills. They may find it difficult to attend recreational activities and constantly struggle between drinking and more important commitments.

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2. Legal issues. Constant encounters with the police or security guards may trace back to alcohol abuse. People under the influence of alcohol may act out violently, vandalize public property, and endager themselves and others on the road. They are prone to act out of character, and may incur multiple infractions with the law. Addiction services in Toronto can help families struggling with the consequences of alcohol addiction.
3. Heightened tolerance. People on the path of addiction can quickly adapt to alcohol and require more to experience symptoms of inebriation. They may order multiple drinks at restaurants or social events. They may also bring home more alcohol than normal and family members may notice the recycling bin filling up faster.

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4. Withdrawal. Individuals addicted to alcohol may experience intense symptoms when they go without a drink for a long period of time. For some, withdrawal symptoms may surface after a day or two, for others, mere hours. These effects include dizziness, nausea, sweating, shaking, coldness, and anxiety. Symptoms often intensify the longer the individual goes without alcohol and fade upon consumption.
5. Obsession. Addiction may cause a person to prioritize obtaining alcohol over all else. They may visit bars, liquor stores, and plan or attend gatherings that involve alcohol. Alcohol may consistently be the topic of their conversations, and they may appear apathetic toward other subjects. Former hobbies and interests may fade. People abusing alcohol may resort to drinking alone if they cannot partake otherwise.

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People struggling with drug or alcohol addiction have several options for treatment. Addiction services in Toronto include 12-step programs, family counseling, education, and relapse prevention programs. Professional treatment centers offer tailored, comprehensive services that adapt to clients’ needs.

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