Understanding the Various Addiction Services in Toronto

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A person who is willing to enter into a drug treatment center is making a very important choice. Treatment is almost always necessary in order for a person who suffers from addiction to quit abusing drugs or alcohol. And while it might seem that treatment services are widely available, truth is only about 11 percent of addicts get the treatment they need to stop abusing drugs. When choosing a treatment facility, it is paramount that the different addiction services Toronto be evaluated. After all, a person wouldn’t want to enter into a drug treatment center expecting treatment for an opiate addiction only to find out that center only treats people with alcoholism. Here’s a closer look at the services to be evaluated.

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Drug-specific treatments. As mentioned above, some centers focus their treatment services on specific drugs. However, there are some that treat various drug and alcohol addictions. When contacting a treatment facility about having an open bed, it’s best to ask about the exact type of services that are offered. Cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of treatment service is especially advantageous to all addicts.

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Whether it be an addiction to sex, methamphetamine, gambling, pain killers, etc., cognitive behavioral therapy treats the way a person thinks and behaves. By altering the way a person acts and thinks, this makes it possible to alter the behaviors that lead to substance abuse. If a treatment center doesn’t specialize in this type of therapy, the search for one that does should be continued. Recreational activities. In addition to addition treatment, recreational services and activities should be provided.

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If a person isn’t taught how to successfully enter back into society without using drugs and alcohol, then it becomes impossible for him or her to stay clean. Recreational services provide an excellent and effective way to show patients how to live clean and sober while taking part in regular activities. Aftercare services Lastly, it’s important to make sure that a treatment center provides a wide array of aftercare services. From ongoing counseling to group therapy with people you went to rehab with and even more recreational activities, aftercare comes in many forms.

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