10 Common Signs of Drug Abuse

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Addiction is a cunning enemy of life and can show up in a wide variety of ways. The following information highlights a few of the most common symptoms and signs of drug addiction. While these signs may or may not appear for every type of drug addiction, they will show frequently enough to indicate the individual may have a problem. Continue reading to learn more about the mos common signs someone may display who needs intensive addiction services toronto.

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Most people who are in the grips of drug abuse and addiction will suffer from depression. One of the most common sources of this angst is where they will get the money for their next dose of drugs or from simply pondering over their seemingly dismal situation.
Mood Swings
People who battle a drug addiction commonly experience mood swings. In most instances, these mood swings will depend on whether the individual is under the influence or not. One of the most common mood swings is the transition from the euphoria of being high into the depression of running our or not having enough.

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Criminal Behavior
When someone is under the influence of drugs, they will do just about anything to get more. This can include violent behavior, stealing, selling drugs, or any other criminal behavior the individual would typically not engage in if they were not under the influence of addiction.
Periods of Absences
For most people battling a drug addition, it’s vital to protect the secret at all costs. These individuals will use privately with hopes and aspirations of their family, friends, and co-workers never finding out. These types of addicts will commonly disappear for a few days or a few hours to use or to continue the endless search for more drugs.

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Inability to Sleep
In any case, there are several drugs an individual can be dependent upon. If the drug is a stimulant, they may find it very difficult or even impossible for them to sleep while they are under the influence. On the other hand, those addicted to opiates often experience sleeplessness as they are going through withdrawals from the drug.
Drug Cravings
After addiction invades the individual’s mind, the addict will experience overwhelming cravings. These cravings may cause the addict to do strange and even criminal things. In the end, the drug cravings can take over anyone’s life, regardless to how emotionally or physically strong they are.

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