Research on Goals Can Help People Make a Real Change in the New Year

addiction services torontoFitness and weight loss are the most common New Year’s resolutions, and with obesity and heart disease being the deadly killers they are these are worthy goals. However for some people, there is much more on the line with their resolutions. People who are finally ready to try to overcome their drug or alcohol addictions often set goals in the New Year. When it comes to addiction, realizing that a change needs to be made is a huge step alone, and there are certain things that are vital to know in order to help everyone keep their important goals.

addiction services toronto

The Science Behind Goal Achievement

  • addiction services torontoSmall steps have been shown to help people want to continue to make further progress. In a study done by Harvard on employee productivity they found that “Of all the things that can boost inner work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work.” Progress in the right direction is powerful when it comes to the human mind, so small achievable goals are important and lead to a job completed, an addition overcome, or weight discarded. Instead of setting a goal for a 100% turnaround set a goal till the end of the day, then the end of the week, and so on.
  • People who find a way to set goals that are in line with who they are will find it easier to achieve them. No one thought they would be an addict when they grew up, finding the person they were before the addiction and setting a second goal to go with the first to get clean that lines up with that will be rewarding and something more tangible to work for than an idea, no matter how valid, of being drug free. For example if a person always thought they would travel, then a goal to go to a destination after being drug free for x amount of time is tangible.

addiction services toronto

Professional help and being surrounded by people who are not substance abusers can bring success levels up. Anyone setting a New Year’s resolution or a goal anytime of the year should also implement distancing themselves from their friends who are addicts, and turning to professionals who understand the hard work ahead. There are quality addiction services Toronto that can help people navigate this new path to a better life.

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