Understanding the Signs of Addiction: When to Get Help from Addiction Services in Toronto

Addiction can creep into one’s life subtly. Whether they try drugs or drink alcohol, it can be easy to think that a person has control over these substances and still has the reins on their own life.

Toronto rehab

They can continuously deny being in over their head until it’s too late and they can’t go more than an hour or so without a hit of a drug or a drink of alcohol. Addiction ruins lives, not only the life of the addict but those of their family members. It’s time to stop the denial. If a person believes that they may be addicted, they should look out for these signs. Then it’s time to call addiction services Toronto to finally get help.

One of the most common signs of addiction is cutting oneself off from family, friends, neighbors, and others.

toronto rehab

Addiction is a source of embarrassment. No one wants to admit that drugs or alcohol have taken over their life. The more that the addict needs these substances, the more likely they are to wall themselves off. Family and friends with their normal lives become difficult to relate to. The deeper into an addiction that one gets, the more that these people seem alien.

The addict will also start making excuses or telling outright lies about where they’ve been, what they’ve spent money on, and so on. They become very secretive in a vain attempt to protect and hide their addiction from others.

 toronto rehab

Of course, other people are less oblivious than the addict thinks they are and probably have some inkling of what may really be going on. Where the addict once had hobbies and interests, these have all completely disappeared.

toronto rehab

Instead, finding their next hit or crawling to the next seedy bar has taken up all of their spare time. They may even find that their addiction interferes with their job if they blow off work to get drunk or high. If drugs or alcohol have become the focal point of one’s life and how they spend the majority of their days and nights, it’s time to get help.

If these signs sound all too familiar, it’s alright to admit that. Help isn’t far away. Some Toronto addiction services offer rehabilitation for individuals or groups who need assistance overcoming their problems with alcohol or drugs.

To learn more about Toronto rehab services, call or visit today. Don’t face addiction alone.

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