addiction services torontoJust as each addict in need of treatment is not the same, neither are the different centers and what they can provide. Finding the right program takes time and research. This means looking at the different options available in the addiction services Toronto and the Ontario area.


Choosing private vs. government funded

Here in Toronto, as is in all of Canada, there is a choice between privately run treatment facilities and government managed. Private means that all of the cost is out of pocket for the individual. Those that are government funded are basically free within the health care system. While there are certain costs still associated with this program, they are minor in comparison.

addiction services torontoEach one of these has their advantages. With the private, it is considered that their staff is more handpicked and finely honed than that of the government supported programs. However, both are genuinely focused on giving people the best care possible and are setting them up for success. Because there is this unique choice between the two, privately held addiction services in Toronto offer competitive and affordable pricing and government programs strive to provide higher quality, comparable care.


Finding the right program type for the individual

Some people respond to 24 hour, in facility care while there are those who will thrive in an outpatient program. What someone will do best in all depends on the individual and what will work for them to achieve the success they need to get on the road to recovery.

addiction services torontoA good base from which to start is for people to consider just how long and intense the drug abuse has been. This helps determine what kind of service makes the most sense. The longer someone has been using, the more intensive a program may need to be.

Residential treatment focuses on a live-in situation that usually lasts anywhere from 30-90 days and constant supervision in a facility. During the day, individuals will be focused on working through and with the problem at hand, with staff available in the evenings as needed. Staying at the center allows them to keep on their program without distractions.

While the addict does not sleep at the facility in outpatient programs, they are required to attend weekly meetings—which can be 3 or more times a week, do intensive work on their own, most likely required to attend counseling sessions on top of the work they will be doing during some of their meetings, and have staff available for their support when needed.

addiction services torontoAgain, each type of program works for different individuals and an assessment is always good to help determine which one of them is the best fit for someone.

Aftercare services

Whichever type is chosen, one of the most important things to have available are ongoing services to support the continued recovery of the individual. Substance abuse of any kind is a difficult hurdle to overcome, but continuing to help someone on their road to recovery raises their chances for success tremendously.

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